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Building Help and Hope

Across Illinois, many children and teens are fighting to thrive in communities with sky-high unemployment, massive family poverty rates and scarce educational and recreational resources. Kids in struggling cities and towns often turn to the streets, which may start them down the wrong path in life.

But we can give them brighter futures.
That is the mission of “The Village Theatre” in Centreville, Illinois. The facility provides technical and skill-based training in video and audio production, computer graphics and the arts to help teens and young adults stay off the streets and pursue successful careers. The theatre also provides the community with positive entertainment. All services are completely free of charge.

Let’s come together to bring help and hope to kids!
Many St. Clair County area businesses, labor groups, organizations and residents have already joined together to help complete the Theatre’s new, high tech 4,000 square foot facility. But our work is not done...we need your help to finish this project and improve countless futures.



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