A Fair Tax For Our Future

This November, Illinois voters will be asked to make some critical choices. In addition to voting for candidates who share our goals and values, we have an obligation to vote yes to reforming our tax system for 97% of Illinoisans.

The COVID-19 crisis has exposed how fundamentally unfair and inadequate our current tax system is. Passing a Fair Tax will lift the burden from the middle class while raising $3 billion a year to help fund essential services that have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic.



LOCAL 4100

The Fair Tax matters to me because as a first generation college student, I'm living under debt from the generations before not funding higher education.

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LOCAL 2296

Illinois has a poor tax structure. The Fair Tax will give us a tax structure that works for everybody instead of dumping it all onto the property tax.



A Fair Tax would help our community and our schools get the support, resources, technology, and building repairs that Chicago schools are missing.

Fair Tax FAQs

Why support the Fair Tax?

A Fair Tax is a necessary change to our constitution that will bring fairness to our tax system, asking the wealthiest Illinoisans to pay a little more so that the tax burden no longer falls on the state’s working people.

By slightly raising taxes on the top 3% the state will bring in an estimated $7 billion dollars, which will help fill the current state budget hole and help fund essential priorities like public health, public education, public safety, and social services.

What will it take to pass a Fair Tax?

To enact a Fair Tax in Illinois, one of two things must happen when we vote in November:

  • 60% of those answering the referendum must vote YES, or
  • A simple majority of all those voting in the election must vote YES

What does the Fair Tax amendment mean for me?

Fair Tax reform will require wealthy people to pay their fair share, the other 97% of us – those families earning $250,000 or less – will see a tax cut or no change at all.

Use this calculator to see how the Fair Tax would impact your family.

How can I help?

Explore our digital organizing hub for volunteer opportunities to take action from home.

What is the Fair Tax amendment?

The Fair Tax constitutional amendment changes the state constitution to eliminate the requirement that Illinois tax income at a single rate, allowing instead for higher rates for higher incomes and lower rates for people with lower incomes.

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