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Attention TRS and SURS participants: Call your legislators at 217-207-3339!

As we write this, the legislature is considering a budget proposal that will drastically impact the ability of K-12 teachers and college educators to bargain for fair pay increases.

Currently, school districts and higher education institutions can provide salary increases of up to 6% without incurring an additional pension payment. Today’s proposal would lower this amount to 3%. As a result, public education employers will use the threat of higher costs as a bargaining chip to keep wages low and hurt your financial well-being.

Call 217-207-3339* now and tell your legislators to take this “reform” out of the budget discussions.

This bill comes at a time when Illinois needs to recruit and retain qualified educators, not send a message that the state is unwilling to invest in you and your retirement security.

We know the state’s finances need help and a progressive income tax – where the wealthiest pay their fair share and middle-class families get a break – would be a strong step forward. But in the meantime, hurting teachers and other hard-working public employees after a full career of being overworked and underpaid is wrong.

Call your legislators today at 217-207-3339*, and urge them to say no to this proposal that once again tries to solve the state’s financial mess at the expense of dedicated, education professionals.

*Once you call this hotline, simply enter your zip code to be connected directly to your lawmaker’s office.



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