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With your help, we can build a powerful online activist network and move the union's agenda forward while increasing our political influence. Participate in the following action campaigns and contact your representatives on the issues that affect working families every day.

CALL NOW! Tell Representatives to protect school funding

The Illinois House is expected to vote tomorrow (Tuesday, November 7) on Senate Bill 851, which could reduce funding for public schools and services across Illinois.

SB851 would freeze property taxes in districts statewide. Our students and communities rely on that money to fund schools, community colleges, libraries, parks, hospitals, and other vital resources.

Please call 217.993.8501 NOW and urge your Representative to vote NO on SB851.

It's easy to do. Simply dial the number and enter your home zip code to be automatically directed to your Representative's office. Then state your message.

Please call 217.993.8501 before noon on Tuesday, November 7! Tell your Representative to vote NO on SB851 because it will mean less money for our kids, our schools, and our communities.
To learn more, read the IFT's SB851 fact sheet.

HOUSE HOTLINE: 1-217-933-8501*

*When you call, enter your zip code, and you will be connected directly to your State Representative's office.



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