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The Illinois Federation of Teachers is committed to supporting candidates for public office who are willing to work with our union and our membership to provide the best public services possible. The candidates selected for recommendation may not always support 100% of the IFT’s legislative and political priorities, but share our goal and approach to improve public education and services.

The IFT reviews candidates through a multi-step process that includes surveying on a variety of important issues, regional discussions that are open to all IFT members, and consideration from a statewide Executive Board reflective of our union’s diverse constituency.

The IFT’s recommendation is a stamp of approval from a union comprised of more than 103,000 public professionals.


State Comptroller
Susana Mendoza

Illinois Senate
Antonio Munoz – 1st District
Omar Aquino – 2nd District
Kimberly Lightford – 4th District
Patricia Van Pelt – 5th District
Ira Silverstein – 8th District
John Mulroe – 10th District
Martin Sandoval – 11th District
Kwame Raoul – 13th District
Emil Jones III – 14th District
Jacqueline Collins – 16th District
Donne Trotter – 17th District
Michael Hastings – 19th District
Iris Martinez – 20th District
Christina Castro – 22nd District
Tom Cullerton – 23rd District

Corinne Pierog – 25th District
Laura Murphy – 28th District
Julie Morrison – 29th District
Melinda Bush – 31st District
Steve Stadelman – 34th District
Christine Benson – 38th District
Toi Hutchinson – 40th District
Pat McGuire – 43rd District
David Koehler – 46th District
Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant – 49th District
Sam McCann – 50th District
Scott Bennett – 52nd District
William Haine – 56th District
Gary Forby – 59th District

Illinois House of Representatives
Daniel Burke – 1st District
Theresa Mah – 2nd District
Luis Arroyo – 3rd District
Cynthia Soto – 4th District
Juliana Stratton – 5th District
Sonya Harper – 6th District
Emanuel "Chris" Welch – 7th District
LaShawn Ford – 8th District
Arthur Turner – 9th District
Melissa Conyears – 10th District
Ann Williams – 11th District
Sara Feigenholtz – 12th District
Gregory Harris – 13th District
Kelly Cassidy – 14th District
John D'Amico – 15th District
Lou Lang – 16th District
Laura Fine – 17th District
Robyn Gabel – 18th District
Robert Martwick – 19th District
Merry Marwig – 20th District
Silvana Tabares – 21st District
Michael Madigan – 22nd District
Michael Zalewski – 23rd District
Lisa Hernandez – 24th District
Barbara Flynn Currie – 25th District
Christian Mitchell – 26th District
Monique Davis – 27th District
Robert Rita – 28th District
Thaddeus Jones – 29th District
Will Davis – 30th District
Mary Flowers – 31st District
Andre Thapedi – 32nd District
Marcus Evans, Jr. – 33rd District
Elgie Sims, Jr. – 34th District
Frances Hurley – 35th District
Kelly Burke – 36th District
Al Riley – 38th District
Will Guzzardi – 39th District
Jaime Andrade, Jr. – 40th District
Kathleen Carrier – 42nd District
Anna Moeller – 43rd District
Fred Crespo – 44th District
Cynthia Borbas – 45th District
Deborah Conroy – 46th District
Steve Swanson – 48th District

Valerie Burd – 50th District
David Harris – 53rd District
Martin Moylan – 55th District
Michelle Mussman – 56th District
Elaine Nekritz – 57th District
Scott Drury – 58th District
Carol Sente – 59th District
Rita Mayfield – 60th District
Nick Ciko – 61st District
Sam Yingling – 62nd District
Nancy Zettler – 66th District
Litesa Wallace – 67th District
Tricia Sweeney – 68th District
Angelique Bodine – 69th District
Mike Smiddy – 71st District
Michael Halpin – 72nd District
Bill Butts – 74th District
Martha Shugart – 75th District
Andy Skoog – 76th District
Kathleen Willis – 77th District
Camille Lilly – 78th District
Katherine Cloonen – 79th District
Anthony DeLuca – 80th District
Greg Hose – 81st District
Linda Chapa LaVia – 83rd District
Stephanie Kifowit – 84th District
Emily McAsey – 85th District
Larry Walsh – 86th District
Jehan Gordon-Booth – 92nd District
John Curtis – 93rd District
Bobby Pritchett – 94th District
Mike Mathis – 95th District
Sue Scherer – 96th District
Natalie Manley – 98th District
Anthony DelGiorno – 99th District
Carol Ammons – 103rd District
Dennis Malak – 110th District
Daniel Beiser – 111th District
Katie Stuart – 112th District
Jay Hoffman – 113th District
LaToya Greenwood – 114th District
Marsha Griffin – 115th District
Jerry Costello II – 116th District
John Bradley – 117th District
Brandon Phelps – 118th District

Appellate Court

Eileen O'Neill Burke – 1st Appellate (Epstein vacancy)
Bertina Lampkin – 1st Appellate (Quinn vacancy)
Brad Bleyer – 5th Appellate (Stewart vacancy)
Jo Beth Weber – 5th Appellate (Wexstten vacancy)

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