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Our Actions Define Us

Last night, many of you joined with the millions of Americans who helped to move our country forward by reelecting President Obama. It was an amazing night and every single vote counted. I thank you for making your voice heard at the ballot box during this critical time in our state and nation.

I am confident that under four more years of President Obama’s leadership and with a new spirit of compromise in Congress, our nation will continue down the path to economic recovery, educational opportunity and prosperity, not just for a select few but for all citizens.

Throughout this election, many of you also volunteered your time to knock on countless doors and make hundreds of phone calls to help elect the president and candidates here in Illinois who will advocate for public employees and those we serve. I want to express my sincere appreciation for your efforts.

There is no doubt that your work was key to our tremendous success at the state level. Nearly every IFT-endorsed candidate secured a victory in this election. Among the winners in important races were five new Obama allies in the Illinois Congressional delegation - Cheri Bustos, Tammy Duckworth, Bill Enyart, Bill Foster, and Brad Schneider. The complete list of election results for IFT-endorsed candidates is posted on the IFT Web site.

Your efforts also helped to defeat a Constitutional Amendment in our state which would have harmed your retirement security, restricted collective bargaining rights and brought the political gridlock of Springfield to our cities and towns. This was a huge victory for all workers and it would not have been won without your help in spreading the word to friends and family.  

But now is not the time to back down. It is now our job as your union to hold lawmakers accountable for their campaign promises and demand responsible political leadership.

We will be hard at work next month and during an early January “lame duck” session in Springfield insisting that lawmakers meet their constitutional obligations to fund education and public services and preserve public employee pensions. The IFT will be reaching out to you soon to ask for your support and assistance in this effort. Please watch your mailbox for updates and information about what you can do to help in the days ahead.

I believe this election marks a brighter future for all of us, as Americans, Illinoisans, public employees and union members. There will undoubtedly be challenges ahead in Washington and Springfield. By working collectively we will ensure that we keep moving forward.

I am so proud of what we have accomplished together, and I thank you for all you have done.

In Solidarity and With Deepest Gratitude,

Daniel J. Montgomery

IFT President




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