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Illinois House Rejects Unconstitutional Pension Amendments

The Illinois House overwhelmingly rejected a series of unfair, unconstitutional, and unproductive pension amendments that were placed on the floor today without the opportunity for public debate.
  • HB 1154, Amendment 1 (eliminates COLAs) -- failed  2-66
  • HB 1154, Amendment 2 (eliminates COLAs unless system is 80% funded) -- failed 5-62
  • HB 1165, Amendment 1 (increases retirement ages to 67) -- failed 1-66
  • HB 1166, Amendment 1 (to increase employee contributions by 5%) -- failed 3-61

Pensions could still be a major topic at the Capitol in the coming weeks. Visit and check your inbox often to stay up-to-date on the latest pension legislation and what you can do to protect your retirement security. Thank you for your continued advocacy.




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