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Committees to Consider a Variety of Pension-Related Measures This Week

The Illinois legislature will be considering a variety of pension-related measures in committees and maybe even on the floor this week. Some bills have the We Are One labor coalition’s support -- such as SB 2404 and HB 3162.
The Senate Executive Committee meets at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13. It may vote on three measures: SB 35, SB 1, and SB 2404. SB 35 and SB 1 are unfair to public servants who faithfully paid into the pension systems, even as the state skimped on or skipped payments. IFT believes that SB 35 and SB 1 are unconstitutional and will be overturned by the courts -- kicking the can down the road and worsening Illinois’ fiscal problems. Alternatively, SB 2404 is a fair, constitutional way to address the state’s chronic pension underfunding.
In the House, it is unclear what bills will be considered and what pension “test votes” will be taken this Thursday. It is possible that at least two major bills could see action, HB 3411 and SB 35. The coalition opposes both these unconstitutional bills. A coalition supported bill could also be called, HB 3162, which is identical to SB 2404 (described above).
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