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We Thank You

The men and women who run for important local offices - from school board member to city alderman - often have a more direct impact on our lives and communities than many state and federal lawmakers. They typically work full-time jobs and raise families, then devote their "spare" time to advocating for the best interests of those they have been elected to serve.

They make decisions that impact the safety of the roads on which we drive, how many police officers are available to assist and protect our families, friends and neighbors, how to maintain public facilities that serve our kids, and how many new books are purchased for our community library.
Because there is rarely enough money to "do it all," these elected officials have to make tough decisions. It is inevitable that their choices make someone unhappy. Despite the challenges of local public office, these individuals with the best intentions sacrifice their time and devote themselves to public service.

Yesterday, IFT members and leaders were among those who threw their proverbial "hats" in the ring on Election Day and ran for these vital positions in our communities.  Even when a candidate does not earn enough votes to win, he or she often changes the dialogue and opens eyes to a new perspective.

Some were successful in securing important seats on local school boards. Among them were IFT Executive Board Vice Presidents Lee Ann Gemmingen (Signal Hill School Board, District 181) and Lynn Kearney (Rock Valley College Board of Trustees). Congratulations! We know these dedicated union leaders and professionals will make us just as proud in their capacity as elected officials.  

Please let us know of other IFT candidates so that we can congratulate them as well!

We offer our sincere gratitude for all you do and all you have yet to accomplish. The IFT is with you every step of the way. Thank you!

More Outstanding Election News!

IFT Executive Board Vice President Tom Kosowski, president of Illinois Federation of Public Employees, Local 4408 was reelected to Community High School District 218. It is a four-year term in an Illinois Education Association (IEA) District. He has served on the school board for 21 years. 

Wendy Clark, a teacher and member of the Peoria Federation of Teachers, Local 780 ran for and won a seat on Farmington School Board, District 3764. 

Lake County Federation of Teachers, Local 504's PAC Committee recommended several "education friendly" candidates for Emmons, Grayslake and Gurnee School Districts. We are pleased to announce that their efforts paid off! The following candidates won those elections:

Emmons School District 33

  • Bruce Gottermeyer
  • Benny Yee
Grayslake Consolidated School District 46:
  • Jill Alfrejd
  • Robert Roop
  • Steven Strack
  • James Weidman
Gurnee School District 56
  • Odie Pahl

Illini Bluffs Federation of Teachers
, parents and community members successfully dismissed the Illini Bluffs School Board President and one incumbent member in Tuesday's elections, following an eight-day teachers' strike in 2012.



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