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House Passes Madigan's Pension-Slashing Mega-Bill


This afternoon, the Illinois House passed Senate Bill 1, Speaker Madigan’s pension-slashing “mega-bill” that could dismantle the modest pensions earned by thousands of workers and retirees. The bill passed by a vote of 62-51 and now goes to the Senate for consideration. You can see how your state representative voted here.

Our We Are One union coalition issued a statement immediately following the vote:

"Senate Bill 1 is unfair to the active and retired teachers, nurses, police, and other employees who paid out of every paycheck to fund their pensions, even as the state shorted its share. On top of that, it is blatantly unconstitutional and thus saves nothing. It simply exacerbates Illinois' fiscal problems. In contrast, our coalition had a productive meeting today with President John Cullerton, and we hope to be able to continue the dialogue." 

As you know, a bill similar to Speaker Madigan's bill didn’t have support in the Senate. Even if that hurdle were cleared, this unconstitutional legislation would be overturned after a lengthy court battle, rendering any advertised savings fictional.

The drastic level of cuts to the lifetime savings of teachers and public employees in this bill is disgraceful. Those who dedicate their lives to public education, service, and safety service deserve better.

Our union coalition has been willing to share in the sacrifice, and we continue to work on a reasonable and constitutional solution. Our discussions with Senate President John Cullerton are ongoing, and we appreciate his willingness to hear us out.

Unfortunately, Speaker Madigan is not as receptive. Following the House vote, he offered this scathing take on our coalition and members: 


As SB1 heads to the Senate, we have to keep the pressure on. Please tell your Senator to vote NO by clicking here or calling 888-412-6570.

Stay tuned for further developments. This isn't over yet, and we're continuing to fight for you




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