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In The News… Pension Push Back


IFT President Dan Montgomery has been actively promoting Senate Bill 2404 and pushing back against the critics who want to slash IFT members’ pensions. On Sunday, he appeared on Fox Chicago

“Cullerton's bill has a very solid lockdown funding guarantee … if we had done that 20 years ago, we wouldn't be here today.”

Earlier last week he was clear about the problems with SB 1…..

“We’ve been frustrated at the other plans and proposals we’ve seen,” Montgomery says. “Plans like SB1 — sent to the Senate from the House last week — result in a loss of nearly one-half of one’s retirement.”

Other IFT members have made their voice heard too. After the Illinois Retired Teachers Association opposed SB2404, The Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans issued a statement in support of the bill. The IFT Retirees Constituency Council also voiced strong support for the bill….
The IRTA's activism against this reasonable proposal is a poor strategy that could lead to more drastic pension-slashing plans like SB 1.

But the corporate owned media keep pushing for more pension cuts. A Tribune editorial writer even resorts to name calling….

            “Unions have…. Offered nothing significant. Any indication otherwise is a lie.”

 Veteran legislative leader Lou Lang has had enough

Unless the Tribune reverts to its rich tradition of responsible, respectful and thoughtful journalism, its influence on Illinois public policy will continue to erode further and its opinions will be as useful as yesterday's news.





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