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Lawmakers May Still Act on Pension Reform


The House and Senate are both in today for the intense final day of scheduled session. The Madigan mega-bill – Senate Bill 1 – was defeated in the Senate last night with only 16 votes in favor. As you know, this bill would drastically slash pension benefits in an unconstitutional and unfair way. And, it would likely trigger increased Social Security costs for local school districts and force a property tax hike in many communities.

The We Are One Illinois labor coalition issued the following statement after the vote:

"The Senate has now twice rejected the contents of Senate Bill 1, including its rejection of substantially similar Senate Bill 35. Today's ‘no’ vote was especially forceful and bipartisan. We thank state senators who stood firmly against SB 1 – and we particularly acknowledge those who have supported Senate Bill 2404.

"SB 2404 has been the only legal and fair pension solution actively considered by the legislature. Moreover, now it is the only comprehensive solution left. We are thankful for Senate President John Cullerton's leadership and for his efforts to advance this bill with our coalition.

"The time has come for the House to vote on SB 2404 – without change. The bill should be put up for a vote immediately."

You can check out the roll call here.

If your Senator voted "no," please say thank you. Anything could happen today. Due to a parliamentary option, there could actually be another attempt to pass SB1 today. Or, components of it could be considered as standalone bills.

Please contact your State Senator at 888-412-6570 and encourage him or her to stay strong in opposition. Meanwhile, President Cullerton's union-negotiated bill – Senate Bill 2404 – remains in the House where Speaker Madigan is not yet allowing a vote.

Please stay tuned for further updates throughout the day.




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