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Close Loopholes, Don't Cut Benefits!


Despite multiple meetings, the Conference Committee on Pensions has yet to come up with a solution that satisfies everyone. And now there are reports that committee members are considering legislation similar to devastating SB 1, which would have unfairly slashed hard-earned benefits had it not been soundly rejected in the Senate.

It’s time to reform Illinois’ pension system the fair way – by closing corporate tax loopholes that cost the state billions. Sign the We Are One Illinois petition to tell Governor Quinn, Speaker Madigan and all Illinois lawmakers to pass SB 2404, reasonable, coalition-supported legislation that provides shared sacrifice without making deep cuts to the benefits public servants have paid for and rely on.

Sign the petition today! 

To Governor Pat Quinn, Illinois Legislative Leaders, and All Illinois Lawmakers:

I stand with the We Are One Illinois union coalition and demand the Illinois General Assembly and Governor Pat Quinn act to adopt the plan embodied in Senate Bill 2404 unchanged.

Our state’s teachers, caregivers, nurses, police officers, and other public employees and retirees didn’t cause this problem, cannot solve it alone, and should not be asked for more.

Rather than making deeper cuts to modest pensions, lawmakers should generate revenue to fund vital services through other alternatives, such as closing wasteful corporate tax loopholes.





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