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Speak Out Against ALEC's Attacks on Education and Public Services!


There’s a corporate funded group that created the model for 139 billsin state legislatures to privatize education and promote for-profit schools. That same group, partly funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers, had its language in 117 bills that cut wages, benefits and worker rights. The organization is called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and they are celebrating their 40thanniversary in Chicago August 7-9.

You can help speak out against this powerful group that influences lawmakers. The Chicago Federation of Labor (CFL) is holding a proteston August 8 to let the public know why 40 years of ALEC is nothing to celebrate. The CFL says, “ALEC is bringing state politicians to Chicago to push a dangerous agenda that rewards greedy CEOs at the expense of middle class families and our public schools and puts our safety at risk.”

ALEC has Illinois ties as well. The Illinois Policy Institute is a member of ALEC and they have drafted model legislation on pensions and other topics. IPI’s Vice President Ted Dabrowski participates in ALEC and he played a key role in pushing for Illinois first for-profit virtual charter school.

ALEC does affect you and every middle class family in Illinois. Learn more and on August 8, speak out! 

RALLY: Thursday August 8 at 12 p.m. at The Palmer House, 17 East Monroe Street.




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