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Help Build a Better Illinois

It's time to roll up your sleeves and help build a better Illinois at two important events taking place this week!

Thursday, August 8 – 12:00pm – Chicago

As you may know, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a corporate-funded group that created the model for 139 bills in state legislatures to privatize education and promote for-profit schools. That same group, partly funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers, had its language in 117 bills that cut wages, benefits and worker rights.

ALEC is holding their 40th anniversary event this week in Chicago, and the Chicago Federation of Labor (CFL) is holding a protest on August 8 to let the public know that this milestone is nothing to celebrate.  ALEC is bringing state politicians to Chicago to push a dangerous agenda that rewards greedy CEOs at the expense of middle class families and our public schools and puts our safety at risk.

Join others in Chicago on Thursday, August 8 at 12:00pm and speak out against this powerful group! Find more information and sign-up to attend here.

Saturday, August 10 – all day, across Illinois
On August 10, a new coalition called “A Better Illinois” (ABI) is holding a statewide day of action to call for increased government accountability, fairness, and a stronger middle class. From ABI:
It's time to get our priorities straight and give the middle class a fair shake. We need a more accountable government that cuts waste and protects education, public safety and health care. We need fair taxes, with higher rates for higher income levels, and lower rates for lower income levels. And we need successful small businesses that create good middle-class jobs, not more giveaways to big corporations and special treatment for CEOs.
The IFT shares these values and is a proud partner in this brand new coalition.
Volunteers across the state will be gathering petition signatures in support of A Better Illinois. To achieve our goal, we need to begin a conversation with people across Illinois…beginning with your friends, your family members and your neighbors. If you can’t make it to the day of action, you can sign the petition and take part in other activities sponsored by the coalition.
This is your chance to make a difference.
Help us spread the word.  Learn more.  Take action.  After all, A Better Illinois begins with you.



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