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A Better Illinois Begins With You

It’s been nearly six months since we began our campaign for A Better Illinois, to make government start working again for middle class and working families, instead of the big corporations and wealthy CEOs currently running Springfield.

The progress we’ve made has been enormous, now backed by more than 150,000 petition signatures in support of a Fair Tax—with lower rates for lower incomes and higher rates for higher incomes. And just as that progress started at the grassroots, it will continue to be driven by person-to-person contacts with our friends, families, and neighbors.

Sharing our ideas and articulating our vision for A Better Illinois with friends and family – especially those we may only see once or twice a year – can be an important part of the growing movement to bring permanent change to Springfield.

With all the controversial issues dominating our current political conversation, from Obamacare to gun control, let’s remember the simple but important points that have helped us achieve so much success to this point.
  • 93% of Illinois residents believe our tax system – where lower and middle class residents effectively pay nearly twice as much in taxes as their wealthier counterparts – is broken and needs to be fixed.

  • 77% of people in Illinois support the passage of a Fair Tax Act, where lower rates apply to lower incomes and higher rates apply to higher incomes.

  • Small businesses create 2 out of every 3 new jobs in this country, and employ nearly half of all workers in Illinois. Yet our current tax system is riddled with giveaways to big corporations, leaving small business who pay their fair share at a competitive disadvantage and sticking it to our best job-creators.

  • The Fair Tax Act proposed in Springfield lets Illinois voters decide. Instead of politicians constantly governing from crisis to crisis, this legislation would put a Fair Tax on the ballot in November of 2014, letting us decide.

Thanksgiving provides us a chance to reflect on the things we’re so fortunate to have been blessed with, but it is also a chance to help those in need and redouble our commitment to policies that lift up those families just struggling to get by.

Thanks again for all that you’ve done and continue to do in support of this historic campaign to build A Better Illinois.

Please take a moment to contact your legislator and tell them to support a Fair Tax with lower rates for lower incomes and higher rates for higher incomes. Hearing from you directly makes all the difference!




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