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"New" Pension Proposal Details Released

On Friday, legislative leaders released more details about the deal they made without input from workers and retirees who will be affected. We expect to have more details by Monday, when the bill text becomes available. The House and Senate are both scheduled to vote on the bill on Tuesday.

Along with our partners in the We Are One Illinois coalition, we have put together these fact sheets in the meantime:

As you’ll see, this “new” proposal isn’t that new at all. It is strikingly similar to the drastic, illegal cuts contained in SB1.

We must fight for our future. Remind legislators that this proposal will gut the retirement security of real people like you. Remind them that they are stealing our life savings. Remind them that you’ll be watching how they vote.

Call your State Representative and Senator at 888-412-6570. You can also email them here.

Several actions are planned throughout the state on Monday. Please contact your local union leadership or staff for more details on how you can get involved in your area.




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