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Union Coalition Statement On Pension-Cutting Bill

Monday, December 2, 2013

Following passage of the pension-cutting Senate Bill 1, the We Are One Illinois coalition of unions representing more than 1 million Illinois public employees and retirees issued this statement:

"This is no victory for Illinois, but a dark day for its citizens and public servants.

“Teachers, caregivers, police, and others stand to lose huge portions of their life savings because politicians chose to threaten their retirement security, rather than pass a much fairer, legal, negotiated solution in Senate Bill 2404.

“It’s bitterly ironic that, on the same day legislators used the state’s troubled finances to justify stealing the retirement savings of public servants, they approved millions of dollars in new tax giveaways for big corporations.

“A majority of legislators ignored and defied their oaths of office today—but Governor Pat Quinn doesn't have to. He can stay true to his oath and the legal promise made to public employees and retirees by vetoing this unfair, unconstitutional bill. If he doesn't, our union coalition will have no choice but to seek to uphold the Illinois Constitution and protect workers’ life savings through legal action."

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