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Tell Springfield big classes are STILL a big mistake

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is ringing in 2014 with another push to eliminate special education class size protections for every Illinois school. Click here to tell policymakers that BIG classes are a BIG mistake!

With this change, school districts could reduce staff and increase the number of special education students in every classroom. When classes are overcrowded and understaffed, students can't get the attention and resources they need to receive a high-quality education. It's that simple.

IFT members made all the difference twice before in stopping this harmful proposal, and we can do it again.
Input from thousands of members, parents, and other education and community leaders was key to stopping this devastating plan when it reared its ugly head last spring and fall. Our union and allies testified at public hearings, and thousands of people sent e-mails to speak out against removing critical class size safeguards, formally known as state administrative Rule Part 226.

The public spoke out overwhelmingly against the plan. More than 93 percent of respondents opposed ISBE’s proposal, and so the state board declined to call it for a vote – twice.
During its meeting on January 22-23, the state board of education plans to make a new push to eliminate special education class size protections. We cannot let that happen.

Any proposed rule change by ISBE would have to be approved by the legislature’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR).

BIG class sizes will always be a BIG mistake! Tell ISBE and lawmakers that this old proposal is still a bad one, then ask your friends and family to do the same.

Read a joint letter to ISBE members from the IFT and the Illinois Education Association.

Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #classsizematters.




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