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Act TODAY to stop the retaliation against teachers

This month hundreds of Chicago Public School (CPS) teachers have been protesting the Illinois Standard Achievement Test (ISAT), a test the district is phasing out next school year and so serves no useful purpose. More than 1,000 parents from 74 city schools opted their children out of taking the exam, and groups of teachers at two schools refused to administer the test.

These courageous teachers simply want to teach students rather than waste valuable learning time on unnecessary testing. But CPS is threatening severe discipline against the teachers, and the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) may revoke their teaching certificates.

Today, Monday, March 10, is a Day of Action to show support for parents and teachers who want to “Ice the ISAT.” Here’s how you can help:

1. Call ISBE today
Dial 217/782-5270. Tell ISBE and Superintendent Koch that:
"There should be no retaliation against teachers for teaching! I support the teachers and parents in Chicago oppose over testing and are standing up for students." You can also share this message on ISBE’s Twitter feed and Facebook page.

2. Sign the petition
Call for an end to retaliation against the teachers, parents and students who have taken action against over testing.

Help parents and teachers stand up for teaching and learning, not over testing. Call and sign today!



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