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Rauner Determined to Cut Public Employee Pay


Bruce Rauner wants the working people of Illinois to think he’s one of them. Why then is his main goal as governor to cut the pay of hardworking Illinois public employees?

Rauner told the Chicago Tribune in no uncertain terms that he vows to push for a public employee pay cut as governor. 

To further punish employees for their years of service, Rauner wants to end the current pension system… 

“Rauner says, going forward they all should be shifted into 401(k)-style plans that don't guarantee minimum retirement benefits…” 

“Workers in the private sector were long ago shifted to the more volatile 401(k) plans, he argues. However, Rauner would not have the state pay to extend Social Security coverage to those same public workers, even though that is legally required for those in the private sector whether or not they have 401(k)s.”

All of this is from a man who makes $25,000 an hour off the backs of public workers and the elderly. And with a straight face, he suggests cutting the minimum wage. 

Bruce Rauner’s ideas are far too extreme and will put the livelihoods of thousands at risk. We need to stand together to tell him that he cannot buy our state. 

On March 18th, if you are planning on voting in Republican primary, cast your vote for Kirk Dillard, who has stood with public employees and is now closing in on Rauner in the latest polls.




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