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IFT recommendations for the 2014 Primary Election

Updated: 3/18/2014

The Illinois Federation of Teachers is committed to supporting candidates for public office who are willing to work with our union and our membership to provide the best public services possible. The candidates selected for recommendation may not always support 100% of the IFT’s legislative and political priorities, but share our goal and approach to improve public education and services.
The IFT reviews candidates through a multi-step process that includes surveying on a variety of important issues, regional discussions that are open to all IFT members, and consideration from a statewide Executive Board reflective of our union’s diverse constituency.

The Illinois Primary took place on March 18, 2014. Additional endorsements will be released in advance of the November General Election. We encourage you to make your voice heard on Election Day! To read a Primary Election recap from IFT President Dan Montgomery, click here.

The IFT’s recommendation is a stamp of approval from a union comprised of more than 103,000 public professionals.

IFT Statewide 2014 Primary Election Recommendations

Red indicates winner    Blue indicates pending results

Kirk Dillard (R)

State Treasurer
Michael Frerichs (D)

State Comptroller
Judy Baar Topinka (R)

Illinois Senate (by district)
24  Dennis Reboletti (R)
39  Don Harmon (D)
48  Andy Manar (D)

Illinois House of Representatives (by district)
20  Mo Khan (D)
26  Jhatayn Travis (D)
37  Nichole Serbin (D)
39  Will Guzzardi (D)
40  Nancy Schiavone (D)
42  Adam Johnson (R)
48  Sandra Pihos (R)
71  Mike Smiddy (D)
77  Antonio Favela (D)
79  Katherine Cloonen (D)
96  Sue Scherer (D)
103  Carol Ammons (D)
110  Kevin Garner (R)
113  Jay Hoffman (D)
115  William Kilquist (D)
Appellate Court
1st District (Gordon)      Susan Kennedy Sullivan (D)
1st District (Murphy)      David Ellis (D)
1st District (Steele)       John Simon (D)        




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