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Primary Election Results

The Primary Election is over, and I am very proud of our union. We stood together for our communities, our professions, and the people we serve. And we made a difference, proving that divisive, anti-union rhetoric doesn’t work when faced with the hard-working women and men of Illinois, and the values for which we stand and fight.

Unfortunately, Billionaire Bruce Rauner won the GOP Primary for Governor, but only by a slim 2-point margin over our endorsed candidate, Kirk Dillard. Despite predictions of a landslide or consensus giving Rauner some kind of mandate, the results proved that many pundits were just guessing and had underestimated our strength.

As one political reporter wrote this morning, “yeah, he won, but he's damaged goods.  Money can't buy everything, as it turns out."

Tonight’s results also demonstrated that Illinois is a much different state than some would like to paint us.
We are not Wisconsin, we are not Michigan, we are not Indiana, and we are not Ohio.

We are Illinois — a state with challenges, no doubt, but one that values fairness and rejects extremism.

We have shown that we are willing to work with decision makers who, like us, want to truly improve Illinois.  We want the same. Heading into November, we have some serious considerations to make, but one thing is certain: we won’t back down against Bruce “.01%” Rauner's hateful and hypocritical attacks. We will continue to advocate for our future and make sure that voters know he would cut the minimum wage and eliminate our rights.

Down the ballot, we can celebrate a few significant triumphs over some very powerful forces as well. These victories – like Will Guzzardi, Carol Ammons, or the Peoria school board, for example – are not just “union" victories. They are victories for working families and strong communities of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike.

Congratulations to everyone on your hard work. We have more to do before November, and I know we can do it.

As U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) said last night, “it turns out the unions are stronger than we all expected.”

Yes we are, more than ever.

Daniel J. Montgomery | President
Illinois Federation of Teachers

For a full list of IFT’s endorsed candidates and their results, click here.




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