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Register now for U of I women’s labor program


Since 1976, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) has hosted the annual Midwest School for Women Workers (MSWW) conference. The featured speaker at this year’s event will be IFT Executive Vice President Karen GJ Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union. The program will be held from June 22-26.

The MSWW, part of the UIUC Labor Education Program, brings together union women from around the country to develop leadership skills, understand challenges and issues facing the labor movement, and share experiences. The program aims to equip women with the tools needed to be more active and effective leaders in their unions. Participants will work together and create lasting relationships that ultimately help build the power of the labor movement.

MSWW is open to women who are active at all levels of their unions. The registration deadline is May 22. 






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