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Where praise is due


A few years ago during National Teacher Appreciation Week, I wrote a letter to my fourth grade teacher, Barbara Koppelman. It felt great to write and tell her that I am truly grateful to her for the positive impact she had on my life. Thanks to that letter, I was able to reconnect with her on Facebook and learn that she is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement in Michigan (Go pensions!).

As we recognize the importance of educators like Mrs. Koppelman during this special week of the year (and don't forget our school nurses since it is also National Nurses Week), let's each take a moment to contact a teacher or professor or nurse who made a difference to us. Let her or him know that they got you hooked on science, or helped to get you into college, or listened and understood when it seemed no one else would, or made you realize you didn't need to worry so much about what others thought, or encouraged you to work harder than before, or simply eased a pain for a moment. Reach out to one of them and tell them how great they are.

This year's National Teacher Appreciation Week will soon come to a close, but it should serve as a reminder to us all to give praise where praise is due - not only during this week, but all through the year.

In Solidarity,

Dan Montgomery, President

P.S. - Send your "thank you" message (or the individual's response) to us, and we'll try to share some of them in the months ahead. Be sure to spread your appreciation with these social media graphics, too!

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