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Lost Recall Rights Restored



Updated 6/13/14

Moments ago Governor Quinn signed HB 5546 into law, effective immediately.

Big news! Today the General Assembly passed HB 5546, legislation that restores additional recall rights many educators lost under SB 7. The IFT was a key advocate for this bill on behalf of our members.

HB 5546 restores a level of fairness to the recall process by making some key changes:

  • Restoration of recall rights to RIF’d (Reduction in Force) teachers in Group 2 who have received one Needs Improvement (NI) rating.

  • Recall rights would be valid until February 1 of the school term after which the teacher was RIF’d or six (6) months from the beginning of the school term following the RIF (by agreement of the district and union).

  • The law will take effect on July 1, 2014, or upon being signed by the Governor (which we expect). Recall rights would apply in the current calendar year; teachers who were RIF’d in spring 2014 will have recall rights this fall and winter.

  • No language in the bill may negatively impact any decisions pending in Illinois courts about the interpretation of SB 7. This is in the best interest of IFT members who are currently awaiting an Appellate court decision.

The bill also cleans up some language in SB 7 which caused confusion and unintended consequences. For instance, districts are now required to supply the union with the names of RIF’d members by their associated groupings.

We appreciate the instrumental leadership of Sen. Kimberly Lightford, Sen. Melinda Bush, and Rep. Linda Chapa La Via, who helped secure the agreement and pass this significant legislation.

Watch your inbox and the IFT website for more information in the days ahead.




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