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This Week in Springfield


Streamlined Voting Process to Give More Citizens a Voice

Governor Quinn signed HB 105 today, legislation which expands voting opportunities in Illinois. The new law is designed to encourage participation in elections and streamlines the registration and early voting processes. It will allow for same-day voter registration, extend in-person voting hours, increases the window for vote-by-mail applications, and permit students attending Illinois public universities to shift residency from their hometowns to their campus address so they can vote at select on-campus locations on November 4 .

Visit our Voter Information page to find out if you are registered to vote.

Quinn Signs Budget; Capitol Upgrades Put on Hold

Governor Quinn has signed the flat-rate budget for FY15 sent to him by lawmakers during the last hours of session,though he removed the $250 million included for renovations of the state Capitol.

Among the budget bills signed were:

  • HB 6093, which will fund K-12 school districts and the State Board of Education

  • HB 6094, which will fund higher education

  • HB 6095, HB 6096, and HB 6097, which will fund constitutional offices and agencies

The Governor also approved other appropriations contained in HB 3793, includeing much needed construction and maintenance funds for the Chicago Public Schools and money for a portion of the back pay owed to state employees for negotiated wage increases the state withheld in 2012 and 2013.

A complete review of the 98th General Session is available here.

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