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Rauner: Bad for Working People


Last week at the AFT Convention, President Weingarten spoke about how the wealthy across the nation are building their power to fight against unions and everything we stand for. The proof is right here in Illinois.

Billionaire Bruce Rauner is running for Governor to dismantle our unions, plain and simple. Watch this new video to hear about it in his own words.

Our survival is at stake in this election. Rauner wants to eliminate our collective bargaining rights and pensions. He supports “right-to-work” laws that strip workers of the right to form unions. And his “budget” would force layoffs and drastic cuts to public education and services.

We’re asking you to help us spread the facts that prove Rauner is bad for unions and those we serve.

The strength of our union lies in our members. We can’t outspend Rauner and his billions, but we can defeat him by standing together. Please help us in our fight to reclaim the promise of public education and services in Illinois.




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