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Boycott Staples to Support Working Families

As you shop for back-to-school supplies and classroom materials in the weeks ahead, show your support for working families by boycotting Staples stores.

The office supply giant is forging ahead with plans to provide mailing services at its retail stores by staffing postal counters with low-paid, high-turnover Staples employees instead of postal employees, who are members of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU). Recent reports falsely claimed that Staples was canceling its privatization plans. Learn more here.

Earlier this month, delegates to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Convention in Los Angeles rallied at the Staples Center in support of U.S. postal workers and overwhelmingly approved a resolution supporting the APWU’s “Don’t Buy Staples” boycott. 


The AFL-CIO endorsed the boycott in June.

Staples' privatization scheme will harm working families! Please spend your hard-earned dollars elsewhere as you shop for school supplies this year, and spread the word.





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