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Tell ISBE to Trust You to Teach


As an educator, you work with students in the classroom every day. You know what helps them learn and how to assess their academic growth. But the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is proposing a Part 50 state model evaluation plan on student growth that would silence your voice and even jeopardize your career. Tell ISBE to leave the teaching to teachers!

When a district and the union joint committee can’t agree on how to evaluate student growth, the state model plan will be imposed. Many aspects of the proposed state model plan will have a positive impact on teaching on learning because they are based on the Student Learning Objectives (SLO) process. But some components of the SLO process just don’t measure up.

ISBE’s proposed state model plan doesn’t reflect many recommendations of the state Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC), the group comprised of K-12 teachers from IFT local unions and other education stakeholders that was charged with making recommendations about the proposed rules.

A few points of that should be of particular concern to teachers are:

  • The proposed state model plan limits a teacher’s right to choose the most appropriate assessment for their students. At the same time it opens the door for districts to require a teacher to use an inappropriate assessment, including Type I, which will force teachers to teach to the test.

  • The proposed plan potentially gives superintendents the final say about the second assessment used when a teacher and evaluator are unable to agree on the Student Learning Objectives (SLO).

  • The proposed plan assumes initial ratings are correct even when outcomes are contradictory.  In a state model plan where student growth counts for half of a teacher’s evaluation rating, the result could jeopardize a teacher’s job.


As a classroom professional you know what’s best for your students. Tell ISBE to trust you to teach. Click here to tell ISBE how to improve the process. It only takes a few minutes, and we’ve made some suggestions to help you get started.

Public comments will be accepted through August 25. Provide your input on this important process today!




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