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Teachers respond to analysis of Bruce Rauner’s education funding plan



August 27, 2014 

Teachers respond to analysis of Bruce Rauner’s education funding plan

Rauner talks a good game, but his plan would defund and destroy public education

WESTMONT – In response to an analysis of Bruce Rauner’s funding plan for education released by Governor Pat Quinn today, Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT) President Dan Montgomery noted that Rauner’s approach completely ignores the most critical issue of school underfunding.

“Bruce Rauner’s so-called budget was not designed with students in mind,” said Dan Montgomery, President of the IFT and a high school English teacher for eighteen years. “Unsurprisingly, he claims to support working families, but his plan fails to address the fact that Illinois schools are some of the worst funded in the nation. Aside from his empty, feel-good TV commercials, he has no explanation or problem with blowing an $8-billion dollar hole in the state budget and forcing layoffs, larger class sizes, and devastating cuts to our public schools.  Strong schools begin with strong investment, and Rauner’s proposals would decimate public education as we know it and force communities to raise property taxes just to keep the doors open.

“As educators, we know best what students need and parents want – high-quality neighborhood schools with libraries, support services, and experienced teachers who are fixtures in the communities they serve.  The only candidate committed to these families is Governor Quinn.”

Rauner, who said he is “adamantly, adamantly opposed to raising the minimum wage,” has stated that public employees who work in our classrooms are overpaid by nearly 25%. The billionaire also opposes a ballot measure that will ask millionaires like him to pay more in income tax to create more funding for our schools. In addition, according to one side of his mouth, he has boasted on tape that he would shut down government if elected.

The IFT proudly endorsed Governor Quinn earlier this summer.

The Illinois Federation of Teachers represents 103,000 teachers and paraprofessionals in PreK-12 school districts throughout Illinois, faculty and staff at Illinois’ community colleges and universities, public employees under every statewide elected constitutional officer, and retirees.




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