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BREAKING: Rauner would eliminate tenure in Illinois

On Monday, billionaire Bruce Rauner laid out his new education plan, which numerous media outlets criticized as a fiscal fantasy designed to fool voters who may not be paying attention.
 “Republican candidate for governor Bruce Rauner calls for more spending, but fails to say where the money would come from.” - ABC7

"The so-called “blueprint” for education follows the pattern of similar proposals the first-time candidate has released in recent months about how he’d govern, containing broad themes but few specifics.”  - Chicago Tribune

“Rauner wants to revamp school funding formula, not sure how.” - Chicago Sun-Times
What Rauner lacked in funding details, he made up for in blame.

Buried within his 26-page “blueprint” was his plan to eliminate tenure, and enact merit pay schemes if he is elected Governor.
Rauner said Illinois should model our policy after a new Florida law that scapegoats educators by making drastic, punitive changes to how teachers are hired, fired, evaluated, and paid. From the Tampa Bay Times:
"More than two years in the making, the new law is one of the most far-reaching of its kind in the nation and one of the biggest shake-ups in the history of Florida public schools. Tenure is gone for new teachers, and contracts and pay will be tied to student test scores."
Stripping teachers of their right to due process is just one part of Rauner’s vision for Illinois, to which IFT President Dan Montgomery responded immediately:
“Bruce Rauner’s blueprint reads like a Greatest Hits of failed education experiments that penalize good teachers instead of addressing the fact that Illinois schools are some of the worst funded in the nation … When it comes to what ails us, teacher tenure and merit pay are red herrings. There is no evidence that giving teachers due process negatively impacts student achievement, but research overwhelmingly shows the devastating effects of poverty and underfunding schools.”
But rather than adequately fund our public schools, Rauner wants to invest taxpayer dollars into new charter schools, and fund them at the same level as traditional public schools. Capitol Fax reporter Rich Miller wrote:
“Rauner’s plan… reads like a warmed-over ideological "think tank" piece designed to impress his hedge fund buddies who are longing to invest in the lucrative charter schools market free of union interference.”
If Rauner was interested in our students, he wouldn’t pit parents and teachers against each other.
If Rauner was interested in our students, he wouldn’t propose a budget that cuts $4 billion out of public education and results in 1-in-6 staff layoffs, larger class sizes, and higher property taxes.
If Rauner was interested in our students, he would put forth a legitimate plan.
Because this one is insulting.
Bruce Rauner is WRONG for Illinois, and we have to stop him. Learn more here, and then sign up to join the fight to protect our communities on November 4.




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