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The Reality of Rauner's "Right-to-Work" Zones

You can add Bruce Rauner’s latest “right to work” scheme to his growing list of Scott Walker-style proposals designed to hurt workers and benefit the 1 percent.
In a recent interview with the Associated Press, the billionaire candidate for Governor detailed his plan to create right to work “zones” in Illinois, where corporations would pay lower income tax rates.

The result would be greater profits for big business and the wealthy, while Illinois’ middle-class would pay the price. In Rauner’s zones, workers would lose their voice to decide whether or not they want to be represented by a union.
“... [zones would] allow local communities to decide whether workers must join a union in order to get a job.” – Rauner website
That’s why his latest scheme is no surprise. It’s just part of his plan to follow in the footsteps of his role models Scott Walker and Mitch Daniels.
“[Governors Mitch Daniels (IN)] and Scott Walker (WI) are good friends. Great mentors and role models for me. I’m a student of management and leadership, and they’re stars. And I’m going to bring their principles to our state.” – Speech at Adams County Lincoln Day Dinner, February 24, 2014
Their “principles” include right to work reforms that have harmed teachers and other public servants. In Wisconsin, Walker’s reforms virtually eliminated collective bargaining, eliminated tenure, reduced pay by 10 percent, increased class sizes, and much more.
Make no mistake - just like his mirror image Scott Walker, Rauner is out to bust unions. Don’t take our word for it, hear it from him.
“What I’m strongly against is the teachers union. They are not about quality and the students and the taxpayers; they’re about their own political power … We’ve got to fight the power.” - WTTW, September 19, 2012
“Government unions … bribe [politicians] with campaign cash and campaign workers - and it’s paid for by us – and get them to give higher pay, free health care, and pensions nobody in Illinois could dream of getting.” – Speech at Open House at Water Street Studios in Batavia, Ill., February 15, 2014
“…our government workers are overpaid by 23%...That’s not fair” - WMAY 970 Radio, July 19, 2013
It comes down to this: Bruce Rauner is wrong for Illinois.
In this election, your voice is critical, and every vote will count. Click here to learn how to conveniently cast your ballot by mail or in-person during Early Voting from October 20 – November 2.




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