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Thank You IFT Activists

As you likely know by now, a strong anti-Democratic tide that was bigger than us swept across the nation. Still, it is disappointing that at a time when Illinois voters had an opportunity to boost education funding, increase the minimum wage, and stand up for working families, many took the wrong path.
Let’s be clear: IFT members worked harder than ever before.
Your efforts during the months leading up to Election Day were unprecedented. Thousands of members and your families around the state volunteered time to register voters, knock on doors, and make phone calls to spread the truth and get out the vote for Pat Quinn.

As I traveled the state this year, I saw firsthand your dedication, creativity, and hard work. You held meetings. You had conversations. Along with our other brothers and sisters in labor, we spoke with hundreds of thousands of voters and created a powerful, united network to harness in the future.

Make no mistake. You made a difference.

Thanks to you, we helped elect many IFT-endorsed candidates who will be strong advocates for public education and workers. Dick Durbin was reelected to the Senate, and numerous legislative candidates triumphed as well to likely maintain Democratic super-majorities in the State House and Senate. As I write this, Mike Frerichs is still locked in a tough bid for State Treasurer with only a paper thin margin between him and his opponent.

Our efforts also led to the approval of important ballot questions that sent a strong message to Springfield. Voters overwhelmingly called for a higher minimum wage and demanded that millionaires pay their fair share to help fund education, yet they supported Bruce Rauner who doesn't share those values. Clearly our state was not immune to the national anti-incumbent wave.

While we are disappointed in the broader outcome, this campaign strengthened our resolve and united working families in our fight for fairness like never before. I am incredibly proud of the coordinated effort so many people put forth and know that our work doesn’t end now. We will keep fighting for stronger public schools, a higher minimum wage, and a level playing field for all Illinoisans, not just the privileged few.

There is no question that we face some very serious challenges ahead, but we are stronger than ever to take them on.

On behalf of your IFT Executive Board, I want to express my gratitude for everything you have done these last several weeks and the work you do each day. I have never felt more proud – or more privileged to serve - than I do today.

With great admiration and in solidarity,

Dan Montgomery, IFT President

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