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Say Thank You to a PSRP on November 19


Every day in our schools, colleges, and universities across Illinois, paraprofessionals and school-related personnel (PSRPs) make a positive difference in the lives of students, families, and communities. But too often in our busy day-to-day lives we forget to simply say, “Thanks.”

That’s why in 2006, the third Wednesday of each November was declared “PSRP Day in Illinois” as an annual day to show appreciation for the more than 100,000 dedicated PSRPs who provide essential services in classrooms, offices, cafeterias, school buses, and more.

As a PSRP for nearly 30 years at Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville, I know firsthand how valuable our work is to ensuring that Illinois schools and higher education institutions run smoothly and efficiently and that students are in a safe, clean, and productive learning environment. Just like hospitals without doctors could not serve patients, schools, colleges, and universities without PSRPs could not function effectively and our students could not achieve their greatest potentials.

In the IFT and our local unions, PSRPs also play a critical role in making us strong. More than any other constituency in the IFT, PSRPs worked phone banks, knocked on doors, distributed fliers, and more to help protect our professions, unions, schools, and communities in the recent election.

So whether you work in a K-12 school building, on a college campus, or are a parent of a school-age child, you’re sure to know a PSRP who makes a difference every day! This PSRP Day – and every day - I urge everyone to say “Thank You” to a PSRP in your life. Your well-deserved gratitude will be deeply appreciated.

In solidarity,

Marcia Campbell, IFT Secretary-Treasurer




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