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Judge to rule on pension lawsuit Friday, November 21


At the outset of today’s status hearing in Sangamon County Circuit Court, Judge John Belz announced that he will release a written decision tomorrow in the We Are One Illinois coalition lawsuit against pension-slashing SB1. The hearing will begin at 2 p.m.

After today’s hearing, the We Are One Illinois coalition issued the following statement:

"The We Are One Illinois coalition and its member unions that represent hundreds of thousands of active and retired teachers, state employees and university employees throughout Illinois look forward to the court’s ruling on the important question considered here today.

We welcomed the opportunity to make our case that the Illinois Constitution means what it says, and the pension clause is absolute. Our unions have long argued that the state cannot simply choose to violate the Constitution and diminish or impair retirement benefits if politicians find these commitments inconvenient to keep.

Illinois teachers and police, nurses and child protection workers and all other public servants, both active and retired, work hard every day on behalf of Illinois and its residents in every community throughout the state. They earn modest pensions and always paid their share. We are hopeful that, should we receive a favorable ruling on the motions heard today, they will be more secure in the knowledge that their life savings can’t be taken away from them.

We believe the courts will ultimately overturn this unconstitutional statute. When that happens, we remain ready to work with anyone of good faith to develop a fair and constitutional solution to funding state pension systems."

The IFT has played a key role in the lawsuit on behalf of our members. Please watch your inbox and the IFT website tomorrow afternoon for details about the decision in this critical pension case.




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