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Legislative update 2.13.15


As you’ve probably read, on Monday Governor Rauner issued an Executive Order (EO) aimed at ending the payment of fair share fees. (The order does not affect K-12 teachers or higher education.)

IFT President Dan Montgomery IFT and other union leaders immediately spoke out against Rauner’s blatantly illegal action.

This morning, Capitol Fax broke the news that Comptroller Leslie Munger (R) and Attorney General Lisa Madigan (D) said they will not implement the EO until they receive a court order. The Chicago-Sun Times also reported the story.

But things changed again just hours later when Rauner announced late this afternoon that he had found a "work around." Instead of asking the Comptroller to break the law and violate state contracts, the Governor now plans to do it himself. The saga continues...

Watch for updates.

Also this week, the House and Senate were in recess, but IFT's political staff spent the time reviewing the more than 4,000 bills that have been introduced to date.

Committees and Legislation 
Senate Education - February 17 at 1 pm
Four bills are posted to this committee on a range of topics from student transportation safety to school construction.

Senate Public Health - February 17 at 1 pm
IFT staff is watching SB 9, which would create a new health education mandate regarding powdered caffeine, and SB 73, which would allow a school nurse or other trained personnel to administer an opioid antidote.

House Elementary and Secondary Education – February 18 at 10 am
The IFT plans to testify when the House Education Committee takes testimony on PARCC testing later this month.

Of the many bills posted to the House Education Committee, the IFT is closely monitoring HB 255, which would lengthen from 1.5 to 2 miles the distance a student must live from school in order to receive transportation provided by the school district.

Education Funding Discussion Continues

Senators Barickman and Manar announced their support of a piece of the School Management Alliance’s Vision 20/20 plan. The legislation proposes the creation of an Evidence Based Professional Judgment Panel to review education funding. IFT is named as a participant.

The legislature will return to Springfield next week for committee work and the Governor’s budget address on Wednesday. You can watch the address online.




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