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Illinois Attorney General seeks to dismiss Governor's lawsuit against fair share

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a motion on Monday to intervene in Governor Rauner’s federal lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of fair share fees under Illinois law. The IFT and 25 other unions filed suit last week in Circuit Court to invalidate the Governor’s unlawful executive order regarding fair share and to dismiss his federal suit.

As reported in Capitol Fax, Madigan issued a statement outlining her role in the litigation:
Today, I filed a motion to intervene in the federal lawsuit to defend the constitutionality of Illinois’ law. Along with the motion to intervene, I have submitted a motion to dismiss the case, arguing that the Governor does not have the legal authority to sue to challenge the law in federal court.

As Attorney General, it is my job to represent the state and defend our laws when their constitutionality is challenged in court. Because the Governor’s case questions the validity of the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act, I moved to intervene to provide the court with arguments regarding the law’s constitutionality.
Madigan's motion is here.

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