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Call your Senator today to protect education funding



This just in:
Lawmakers in Springfield are rushing through FY15 budget bills that would negatively impact remaining current year funding at K-12 and higher education institutions and immediately cut payments to important programs and state services. We must ACT NOW to stop them!
Yesterday, the IL House of Representatives quickly passed HB 317 and HB 318, bills designed to patch the $1.6 billion budget hole that was created when Governor Rauner let the temporary income tax rate expire on January 1, 2015. If the Governor had addressed this important revenue issue instead of calling for draconian cuts to services middle class families depend on, this crisis could have been averted.

These 11th hour bills would:

  • cut education funding immediately by 2.25 percent
  • “sweep” $1.3 billion from dozens of important state funds (including diversions of funding set aside for teacher licensure, workers compensation, and the road fund)
  • provide Governor Rauner with a $97 million slush fund to “manage the cuts” to K-12 education, with no defined process for accountability.

The Senate is expected to hear these bills as early as TODAYWednesday, March 25 – so call your State Senator NOW to make your voice heard.

Look up your Senator and his or her Springfield office phone number here.

Tell your Senator:

School districts and programs have already budgeted for the remainder of the year based upon promised funding. These bills would lead to significant cuts in staff and services. We’ve already endured enough. Please vote NO on HB 317 and HB 318 to protect our kids and communities!

If you can’t reach your Senator directly, please leave a message.
Protect our kids and communities from these harmful cuts. Call NOW!



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