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Vote for Mitch Vogel for SURS Board of Trustees



All retirees from the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) are eligible to vote in the upcoming election for Annuitant Trustee. The IFT strongly encourages you to vote to reelect MITCH VOGEL - an experienced, proven advocate for SURS members on the system's Board of Trustees.

The voting period begins on April 1 and runs through May 1, 2015. (If you have not already received your ballot from SURS, it should arrive on or around April 1.) To ensure your vote is counted, your ballot must be received at SURS by May 1, and you must follow voting instructions exactly.

At a time when public pension systems are under attack, it is critical that SURS members have a say in the decisions that affect your retirement. As the former SURS Board President, MITCH VOGEL has an intimate knowledge of Illinois' pension situation. He understands that the systematic underfunding of SURS – not the benefits its members rely on for their retirement security – caused the problems facing the system.

MITCH VOGEL will ensure that your voice is heard. A past president of the University Professionals of Illinois, Local 4100, and former IFT Executive Board member, he was a professor at Northeastern Illinois University for nearly 40 years. He served on the AFT Higher Education Council and was editor-in-chief of American Academic from 2003-2005.  

Remember, your ballot must be received at SURS by May 1, and you must follow the instructions exactly to ensure your vote is counted.

Make your voice heard on the SURS Board of Trustees! Cast your ballot for MITCH VOGEL for ANNUITANT TRUSTEE.



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