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Woodstock the latest to deny Rauner’s proposal



UPDATED 4/9/15
The Woodstock City Council welcomed a huge crowd of vocal citizens for their Tuesday night meeting, as the council discussed Governor Rauner’s illegal “employee empowerment zone” (aka “right to work”) proposal. Public comment lasted more than three hours due to the 50+ people voicing their opposition to this attack on middle-class families and the unions who give them a collective voice. Those speaking against the proposal included Local 1642 (McHenry County Federation of Teachers) President Duane Peiffer, Council President Bill Donato, and representatives from several other labor union locals.
No one spoke in favor.

“This is wrong for Woodstock, and wrong for Illinois," said Duane Peiffer, President of the McHenry County Federation of Teachers, Local 1642. “If we don’t stand up and stop these anti-worker schemes like ‘right to work,’ our entire community will suffer.”

Governor Rauner has used strong-arm political tactics to push cities and villages across the state to support his initiatives aimed at destroying unions. Not only is this particular proposal illegal under the National Labor Relations Act, but study after study reveals that “right to work” (RTW) erodes hard-fought collective bargaining rights and benefits, and reduces average middle-class incomes in order to boost corporate profits.

Not only would Rauner's RTW "empowerment zones" drive down compensation and your voice in the workplace, but these anti-worker policies could allow employers to decide what - if anything - is a mandatory subject of bargaining (like wages, benefits, and working conditions).
The Woodstock City Council took the public’s opinion into consideration and voted 4-3 to table the issue.
Packed houses of union members and allies have made similar, positive impacts on local trustees at recent meetings in Mt. Zion, Pine Grove, and Oswego, IL.

After the meeting, Woodstock Mayor Sager said, “the item will not come back on the table for any future action.”

We’ve seen our neighbors in Michigan and Indiana, and other states pass these dangerous resolutions. However, never before have we experienced such blatant attacks on middle class families so close to home. Across Illinois, City Councils are considering these proposals. We cannot allow Governor Rauner to preempt state law in order to take away our rights and our collective power to make a difference.
Last night, organized labor united in Woodstock to fight back against these attacks and proved that when we stand together, we win together.

A recent University of Illinois study provides more information on why “right to work” is wrong for Illinois. 

Upcoming is McHenry County Board tomorrow at 9 a.m., 667 Ware Road, Administration Building in Woodstock. See full list of meetings below.

  • East Dundee (Kane) - passed
  • Oswego (Kendall) - tabled
  • Iroquois County - held in committee
  • Pingree Gove (Kane) - unanimously defeated
  • Mount Zion (Macon) - tabled
  • Woodstock (McHenry) - defeated 4-3, tabled
  • Litchfield (Montgomery) - passed 5-3
  • Shelby County - not called
  • Moultrie County - on hold until May
  • Clinton - (De Witt) passed
  • Cambridge (Henry) - passed
  • Makanda (Jackson) - passed
  • Charleston (Coles) - passed



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