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House overwhelmingly rejects Rauner’s “right-to-work” proposal

House lawmakers this afternoon soundly rejected Governor Rauner’s anti-union “right-to-work” (RTW) proposal.

The Chicago Sun-Times headline states simply that the proposal “went down in flames.” The vote was 0-72-37 (0-Yes / 72-No / 37-Present).

Click here to see how your lawmaker voted.
House Speaker Michael Madigan introduced the legislation and called it for a vote so “…legislators will have the opportunity to ensure the voices of the middle-class families in their districts are heard.”
Governor Rauner has been touring the state for months, promoting “right to work” and his “turnaround agenda.” It has been rejected by more than 90% of the cities and counties that have considered it, and many counties and municipalities have instead passed pro-worker proposals. IFT members and others have turned out in huge numbers at public meeting to speak out against his plan.
“Right to work” is simply wrong. Rauner’s proposal would drive down compensation and take away your voice in the workplace, as well as allow employers to decide what - if anything - is a mandatory subject of bargaining (including wages, benefits, and working conditions). This is what we saw happen in Wisconsin, where workers and middle class families suffered from cuts and increased class sizes.
Today’s House vote sends a strong signal to the Governor that it is time to stop attacking every day Illinoisans and start working with lawmakers to craft a budget that funds education and the critical programs and services Illinoisans rely on.




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