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Welcome to the IFT

2015 has already been a great year for growing our union! The IFT proudly welcomes to our family about 430 new members in these local unions and councils:

20th Judicial Circuit Court Public Employees, Local 4408 – The 51 employees in the St. Clair County Probation Department joined the IFT’s Illinois Federation of Public Employees to increase their bargaining power over issues like salary and a say on the job. In June, members voted on by-laws and elected officers to represent them on the Local 4408 board.

Farmington Federation of Integrated Support Staff and Teachers, Local 3764 – The 16 teacher assistants in this central Illinois community wanted a voice on the job and seniority rights, so they organized and joined with their teacher colleagues in the existing local. The integrated unit is now 109 employees strong!

Homer Support Staff Council of AFT Local 604 – This group of 160 paraprofessionals in Will County was being impacted by changes in their district, but the school board wasn’t listening to their individual concerns. By joining the IFT, they now have a collective voice and are bargaining their first contract. Teachers in the district previously joined the IFT.

Illinois Valley Federation of Support Staff, Local 6561 – This new support staff local at Illinois Valley Community College in Oglesby represents 49 members. They joined the IFT this spring to secure the protections and benefits of a collective bargaining agreement and have a say in the workplace. Teachers at IVCC are also IFT.

Manhattan Council of AFT Local 604 – The 40 paraprofessionals in this Will County school district organized to join with their teaching colleagues in a wall-to-wall unit that now represents 132 members. The council is currently bargaining its first contract as a merged unit, ensuring that PSRPs and teachers will have a voice in working conditions and the impact of administrative decisions.

Rudy Lozano Association of Social Justice Educators, Chicago ACTS, Local 4343 – After seeing that management was more responsive to the concerns of the unionized teachers at Rudy Lozano Leadership Academy, a Chicago charter school, the 12 support staff members there joined the IFT/Chicago ACTS Local 4343 and merged into the existing unit. The expanded unit is bargaining a successor agreement that will include languages specific to the needs of the school’s PSRPs.

University of Illinois-Springfield (UIS) Faculty, UPI Local 4100 – More than 100 tenure-track faculty at UIS rejoined IFT Local 4100 after being unorganized since 1996, when their collective bargaining rights were amended under a law that made the former Sangamon State University part of the U of I system. The members now have a stronger voice in shared governance at the university and can better advocate for their students. The unit will soon begin bargaining a first contract.




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