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We Are One responds to Governor’s proposed pension cuts

Governor Rauner on Wednesday detailed his latest attack on everyday men and women in the form of a plan to slash the pension benefits of police officers, firefighters, and teachers.

The Governor’s 500-page plan would force affected workers to choose between diminished benefit options, effectively cutting their benefits. The state Supreme Court recently struck down a similar attempt to cut pensions in SB 1, emphatically stating that the benefits cannot be diminished or impaired under the Illinois Constitution.

Under the guise of cost-savings to Chicago and the state, the proposal also calls for restrictions on collective bargaining, workers’ compensation reforms, and other anti-worker measures.

The We Are One Illinois coalition of unions, of which IFT is a lead partner, issued the following statement in response to the Governor’s plan:
“The Governor’s pension proposal completely disregards the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, which is crystal clear.

His framework is unconstitutional, unfair to workers and retirees, and a waste of taxpayer dollars and time.

Instead of continuing his one-man political campaign to stomp out the rights of average people, Governor Rauner should be working with legislators of both parties to find real solutions and revenue for the critical programs Illinois families depend on."
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