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Thank a PSRP on November 18

Every day in schools, colleges, and universities across Illinois, paraprofessionals and school-related personnel (PSRPs) make a difference for our kids and communities. They bus students safely to school, feed them healthy meals, clean buildings, run offices, and much, much more. Despite all they do, too often we forget to say “Thank You.”

Wednesday, November 18, is PSRP Day in Illinois. Please be sure to THANK a PSRP!
To inspire you, we’ve developed a Pinterest page with some easy, creative ways to show your gratitude. 

PSRP Day is an annual day to recognize the invaluable role PSRPs play in ensuring that Illinois schools and higher education institutions run efficiently and that students are in safe and productive learning environments. Without PSRPs, schools could not function and students would not learn.
That’s exactly what IFT President Dan Montgomery found out first hand when he spent a “day in the life” of some IFT PSRPs.
“The level of caring and commitment shown by each of the PSRPs I had the honor to observe and work alongside was nothing less than inspiring. But, let’s face it, most people are not aware of the work school support staff do. Perhaps that’s because when done well, their work is “invisible.” But what many do not understand is that it takes more than classroom teachers to ensure all those things happen. And without PSRPs, they simply would not.
“My experience as a PSRP made it clearer to me than ever before that we owe PSRPs our gratitude and respect.”

So whether you work with PSRPs or are a parent, there is sure to be a PSRP who touches your life. On Wednesday, November 18, please say “Thank You” to a PSRP!



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