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Join the fight for funding on Day of Action

There is major news breaking in Chicago, but the impact and opportunities to take action are statewide. Here’s what’s happening and what you can do:
By an overwhelming margin, Local 1 members voted on Wednesday to authorize a one-day citywide walkout on April 1. The “Day of Action” will extend statewide to call attention to the dire need to fund our public schools, services, and colleges - and demand that Governor Rauner stop holding critical revenue and working families hostage to his political agenda.
Higher education and college students are also in crisis as the Governor’s vetoes and refusal to pass a budget have left 136,000 needy students without MAP grants and are forcing layoffs, mandatory furlough days, and other harmful cuts. To call attention and stand in solidarity with CTU, the University Professionals of Illinois (Local 4100) is planning numerous “Fund Our Future” campus events around the state leading up to the Day of Action on April 1.

Take action and help spread the message!
Here’s what you can do:

  • Show your support at the main rally - April 1st at 4:00 p.m. - at the Thompson Center in Chicago.
  • Attend a Day of Action event at a campus near you.
  • Join the #FightForFunding and help #FundOurFuture by posting graphics like these or photos from your local/council on social media. How are Governor Rauner’s budget priorities hurting your community? Gather your colleagues, make a sign, take a photo, and post it on social media with the #FightForFunding and #FundOurFuture hashtags!



Meanwhile, the Illinois Supreme Court issued another tremendous pension decision today in a critical case brought by CTU, AFSCME, and other unions. The Court struck down legislation that cut the pensions of retired City of Chicago employees and required active employees to pay more for a diminished benefit upon retirement.
In a big win for the rule of law and all public workers, the Court strongly stated:
“…based on the plain language of the Act, these annuity reducing provisions contravene the pension protection clause’s absolute prohibition against diminishment of pension benefits, and exceed the General Assembly’s authority.”

The Court’s opinion makes it crystal clear that it will not tolerate Governor Rauner’s attempts to bend our constitution to fit his political agenda and diminish workers’ rights, wages, and retirement security.

The CTU and other unions in the suit issued a joint statement in response to the powerful, unanimous ruling:

“…Like last year’s decision that prevented pension cuts to teachers, state employees and university employees in state pension systems, this ruling makes clear again that the politicians who ran up the debt cannot run out on the bill or dump the burden on public-service workers and retirees instead.

“It’s long past time for elected officials to stop trying to end-run the constitution and shirk their duty. Pension funding challenges require funding solutions that must be constitutional and fair to all. Our unions are committed to working with anyone of good faith toward that goal.”

The Court's latest decisive opinion should be a serious wake-up call to the Governor to start finding real solutions to the state’s problems and address revenue needs for our schools, families, and communities.
IFT members in Chicago and around the state have had enough. That’s why we’re acting collectively to fight back and stand up for education and our communities on April 1!
Please join the fight by calling on the Governor to “Fund Our Future” and do his job for ALL Illinoisans. Show your support at the main rally in Chicago on April 1st, attend a Day of Action event on a campus near you, and post #FightForFunding and #FundOurFuture messages and graphics on social media today!




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