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IFT responds to Governor Rauner’s school funding proposal

Despite the ongoing budget stalemate of his own making, Governor Rauner released his statewide education funding plan today during a speech to business groups. Some districts would see gains under the Rauner proposal, while others would suffer from massive cuts, including the already-struggling Chicago Public Schools, which would lose $74 million.

In response, IFT President Dan Montgomery issued the following statement:
"For the first time in several years, the General Assembly is having a meaningful conversation about school funding, but Governor Rauner’s proposal only distracts from that serious debate. Let’s be clear: the Governor has not put forth a real education funding reform plan. He merely suggested putting slightly more money into the same broken formula without addressing the core need for fairness or adequacy. His proposal further demonstrates the flaws of the current system where students in dire need would face more cuts if nothing changes.

We’d be foolish to think this is a silver bullet, especially coming from a Governor who is presiding over an epic collapse of social services and higher education because he refuses to ask the wealthy to pay their fair share. The same schools Rauner claims he wants to help are the center of the communities he is hurting. With limited resources, teachers and school staff are doing their best to educate students whose families are losing the support they need today and the college educations they want tomorrow."



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