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Thank the Laurie in your life on PSRP Day

Dear IFT Member,

This Wednesday, November 16th, is PSRP Day in Illinois. It is an annual day to recognize the paraprofessional and school-related personnel (PSRP) who do the essential work that helps our students learn and keeps them healthy and safe. Please join me by expressing your gratitude!

We all know a PSRP who makes a difference in our life or our child's. For me, it was Laurie.

As a longtime teacher, I worked with Laurie at East Leyden High School, where she ran the copy center with a firm hand. I always remember how she protected our limited supplies, even topping pens with plastic flowers so we didn't walk off with them! She was pleasant but supremely efficient, and no matter what was asked of her or how quickly we needed it, she got it done. I know firsthand that I and my fellow teachers couldn't have been effective without her.

Laurie continues to be respected by all those who work with her, including her PSRP colleagues at Leyden, who named her an Outstanding Fellow Employee earlier this year.

Laurie was just one of many dedicated PSRPs in our building who helped our school run well so our students could reach their greatest potentials. Along with the secretaries, teacher aides, custodians, school nurses, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and security guards, the PSRPs at our school helped the educators connect to the community and reach students outside the classroom who were difficult to reach within it.

So this Wednesday on PSRP Day, I urge you to recognize the Laurie in your life. Give a small gift, a card, or simply say, “Thank You.” (For creative ways to show your appreciation, visit IFT's Pinterest page.)

Your gratitude is well-deserved, and your appreciation for a job well done will mean so much.

In solidarity,
Jane A. Russell, IFT Secretary-Treasurer



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