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Tell Rauner about accountability, testing, and college and career readiness


The Illinois State Board of Education is about to send some strong recommendations on an education plan to Governor Bruce Rauner. This is your last chance to share your thoughts about accountability, standardized testing, college and career readiness, and the resources you need in your classroom. Please speak out by emailing comments to ISBE today – or Governor Rauner will decide without your input.

Last year, President Obama reauthorized the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, now officially known as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). It is a real opportunity for Illinois to remedy more than 15 years of the rank, sort, and punish mentality our public schools have been subjected to.

ESSA gives states authority to determine how schools are judged and supported, including:

  • an accountability system based on multiple measures;
  • standardized testing; and
  • how schools are differentiated to provide supports where they are most needed.

When the public comment period ends later this month, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) will finalize the third draft of its ESSA plan before sending it to Governor Rauner. He has the authority to recommend what measures will be used to judge our schools, and could push through an accountability system that would continue to “blame and shame” educators and schools.

Our voices must be louder than Governor Rauner's! It is critical that you speak out about what students, schools, and teachers need to recognize the possibilities ESSA could provide in Illinois. Please email today.

Illinois won’t benefit from ESSA unless we get our plan right. The most recent draft plan needs many changes before it will address our state’s education inequalities, provide adequate supports for our rapidly changing student demographic, and address the important inputs that make schools thrive.

NCLB proved harmful to a full, well-rounded public education for all students; ESSA is our opportunity to change the direction in Illinois. Do not let Governor Rauner have the loudest voice on education policy. Email today to help shape our state’s ESSA plan.




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