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If Governor Rauner cared about our students, he'd focus on passing a budget, not his political campaign

Earlier this morning, Governor Rauner visited Franklin Middle School. In response to this visit, CFT President and IFT Vice President, Jennifer White released the following statement:
 “I appreciate that our staff and students of Franklin Middle School have been given the opportunity to showcase the amazing things they do day in and day out. I question though how much the Governor really cares about our students, schools and community especially here in Champaign-Urbana.  If the Governor truly put the needs of our community above his own political agenda then we wouldn’t be going on two years without a budget. Even though Unit 4 and K-12 schools in general have been shielded for the most part from negative ramifications of the budget crisis Rauner created, we know that public and social services, as well as higher education institutions like our very own University of Illinois and Parkland College, have suffered irreparably at Rauner’s hand. He has been presented with budgets and bills to fund higher education and MAP grants, which he has rejected simply because they didn’t fulfill his unrelated political demands first. We also know he is a supporter of President Elect Trump’s nominee to lead the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos who has no experience with public schools except her history of destroying them in Detroit. Maybe Governor Rauner would serve our state better if he spent more time governing and less time campaigning."

Anything you'd like to teach him on his "learning tour"?
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