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URGENT: Tell your Senator to reject bad bargain

The Illinois Senate is about to vote on a massive “grand bargain” that will make unconstitutional cuts to your pension and deliver large parts of Governor Rauner's “turnaround” agenda in exchange for revenue.

Call your State Senator today and explain why giving in to Rauner will harm you and your community.

Senate Hotline: 217-733-5010*

The Governor has held our state hostage for two years now, vetoing state budgets that don't meet his political conditions. We must work together toward a solution, but this isn't the way.

Tying the budget to anti-worker reforms is not only wrong, it's unnecessary. We can tax the most wealthy and close corporate loopholes to help fund our state without harming working people.

Votes on a 13-part deal are scheduled for early this week, including proposals to:  
  • Reduce your retirement benefits. Senate Bill 11 will force Tier 1 employees in TRS, SURS, and CTPF to make an unfair choice between two cuts. We firmly believe this is unconstitutional.

  • Eliminate physical and drivers education ( aka “mandate relief”). Senate Bill 13 would freeze property taxes for two years, which would erode local support for our schools and allow districts to privatize drivers education, eliminate salary and benefit protections for non-instructional employees, and reduce or opt out of PE requirements.

Read our detailed analysis of the legislative package here – then call your Senator at the number above. Votes will be taken soon.

Urge lawmakers to VOTE NO on plans that balance the budget on the backs of workers instead of taxing the most wealthy. CALL NOW!

Senate Hotline: 217-733-5010*

Thanks for all that you do.

*When you call the hotline number above, you will be asked to enter your zip code. Then, you will be connected directly to your State Senator’s office.

Having trouble? To look up your lawmaker’s contact information, click .



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